Process & Quiz

1. Select and Register

Sign up for your desired cheap CPR class. Once payment is complete, you will be give access to our study guides and quiz. You have 60 days to pass the quiz.

2. Review The Study Guide

Next login and review the correct study guide. They study guides are broken into sections and contain images to help you understand.

3. Pass The Quiz

After reviewing the study giude, select the desired quiz. The quiz comprimises of true & false and multiple choice questions. To pass the quiz you need at least 75%. 

You can retake the quiz 3 times, so don't worry. 

4. Save Certificate & Receive Wallet Card in Mail

Once you sucessfully pass the course you will be able to save and print the digitla certificate. 

We will also mail you a wallet card (made from PVC) the next day. Takes 3-4 busienss days. 

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